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September 2020

Emovis Tag UK

Since Summer 2016 I have had one of these electronic tags fitted in the car. It fits on the top of the windscreen above the mirror.

What does it do? It's not quite magic!

But it does mean that as you approach one of the toll barriers on a French motorway you no longer have to stop and queue, and then fiddle for change or a credit card.

Simply slow down and approach the barrier and wait for the "beep" or the light to go green and the barrier to go up.

Of course it's not free. There is an annual charge for having it and then there are the tolls you incur as you drive around.

I have used it more often in the car, however I have tried it a few times on the bike. I was sceptical how it would know the difference between a car, charged at one tariff, and a motorcycle, charged at a much lower one.

On asking, they said it would know. Approach the barrier slowly as you would in a car and the barrier goes up. They suggest that you login to your account later and check that it got it right! That doesn't actually fill me with that much confidence. If I have to dispute it I assume they have video surveillance to check on?

I would recommend it to anyone that uses the French toll motorway often as it does save time, especially on busy dates when the "T lane" is often less busy.

There is even a video to show how it works! https://www.emovis-tag.co.uk/

Many countries have similar systems to make it easier to pay road tolls. There is the simple non-intelligent "vignette" system used in Switzerland, Austria and the Czech Republic.

Emovis also has tags for Spain and Portugal. It's a shame they can't be merged into one tag and save messing about with more than one.

Of course there is the Sun Pass in Florida. I have never bought one as the hire cars seems to have then fitted already for retrospective charging! If someone can explain how to have my own then that would be great for my next visit. Although I tend to avoid the toll lanes around Miami/Fort Lauderdale and Orlando and use I95 for north/south trips.

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Coupes Moto Légende 2021

Twenty years On....

We last went in 2001. The tale is elsewhere in this blog about my/our trips across the Channel to France.

With the same Suzuki GT750A away for refurbishment and hopefully back before the end of this year, I am looking to make another visit to France for Coupes Moto Légende.

It has been held at another circuit, further to the south than the outskirts of Paris, for a number of years. At Prenois-Dijon. Due to covid-19 it was cancelled in 2020, firstly in May and then again in September.

I am waiting for the date to see if I can get there and back in my holiday time at the end of May. If not, then it will have to be 2022 when I have retired from work!

In the meantime I have checked on how far it is by road on MyRouteApp.com. It is around 409 miles using motorways. Slightly less avoiding toll motorways. I think a mixture of the two would be okay.

The A26 goes all the way from Calais to Troyes. With the Emovis tag in my pocket getting through the toll barriers will be no problem.

From Troyes there is a no-toll route via Chatillon-sur-Seine. Google maps has that section as around 143kms. That cuts off a corner and reduces the overall distance to 380 or so miles.

It does follow the Seine for quite a while and close to the source of the river. So not all about riding a motorcycle and things to do with motorcycles.

We await the organisers with the dates for May 2021!

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Tripnbike Website

A useful aid and free membership to Tripnbike for bikers anywhere to see if there are any deals and secure overnight parking in the area they are travelling too.

I am a member and do not gain financially or in anyway benefit other than t get discounts at places registered on the site.


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