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Three Goto France 22 - East and South?

Booking campsites... And other matters!

Wow. Who would have thought it was so difficult to find somewhere to go in a country as huge as France. It's me not them? There are so many places I want to go I simply can't make my mind up!

The first idea was to head south along the rough route of the A26 directly from Eurotunnel and make stops at scenic places and supermarkets (!) as we passed serenely by at 50 mph (80kph). That might seem slow but the non-toll routes are speed controlled to 90kph or worse, 80kph. The general rule across France until 2019 was 90kph. Then the dictat from Paris was for all single carriageway roads to be reduced to 80kph. This caused some outcry and then they changed it to allow different Departments to decided whether they would stick with the 80 or revert back to 90. What it does mean that someone earned a fortune making and distributing all the 80 speed limit signs.....

Anyway, it does mean that when we have the huge queue of cars behind us as we go 80kph it isn't our fault!

With that in the back of my mind I have been looking at the non-toll route down the eastern side of France. We arrive about 1150 CET, give or take a half hour depending on the efficiency of the trains under the channel. By the time we have dropped into the supermarket at Coquelles to vittles' up for us and for Reggie we are probably looking 1400 before we are plodding southwards. I might forget the no-toll stance for this leg of the journey and take us on the A26 towards the A1 for our first night at Péronne. I have been there several times before to visit the WW1 museum in the castle. The campsite is about half a mile from the town centre. We are only stopping for one night and so we can either walk into town or manger à la maison!

The second night as we plod south will be in the vicinity of the wine region of Burgundy. Names that used to trip off my grandfather Charles' tongue. He was in the wine trade for over 50 years until he retired. I have booked only one night as for us it is an "in-transit camp". This time at Camping de Santenay.

Two down and thirteen (nights) left to locate and book!

The original idea was to head for Annecy, then after a few days by the lake, to turn westwards towards the Auvergne and then north to head for home. At each major spot stay of three or four nights to look around the area.

My new idea is to head for the Côte d'Azur! It will be warmer there and I am looking for a dog friendly site near a beach. I'm not a beach person, but Claire likes a few days sunning and amazingly, Reggie loves the sea!

So that's my focus now.

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